Opulence Lighting

Opulence a new choice for lighting

Our range of Opulence light fittings enable us to offer you a wide choice of finishes to match your surroundings.
Whether you want to compliment your buildings internal or external design with our vast selection of wood and stone effect finishes or match the surrounding landscape with something more befitting than a plain white or black light fitting, we can help. Or how about adding a little more panache with luxurious gold or what about funky pink with polka dots?, the choice is virtually endless.
Product Protection, twice the piece of mind.

Light, the way you want it.

With our range of LED light fittings, we can offer you the choice of finish to match your surroundings.
Whether you wish to compliment the wood effect of your building internally or externally,
match the surrounding landscape or just add a little more panache with luxurious gold or a go funky pink with spots we can help.


Your product is protected twice.
1. Tough powder coated finish
2. Dye sublimation UV coating.

Finish options

We have hundreds of factory finishes available and you can even supply your own design too.

Quality components

We use only the best quality components within our manufacturing process and confidently offer a 5-year warranty as standard.

Architects, builders and designers all over the world are discovering the remarkable advantages and benefits of offering their clients more choice when it comes to colour and finishes within lighting projects. With this in mind, we are able to provide many aesthetically pleasing products in a wide variety of finishes, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Opulence advantages are:

  • Coatings are UV resistant, water & humidity proof
  • Finishes will not delaminate
  • Cost-effective & rapid manufacture process
  • Virtually unlimited range of patterns & finishes
  • Eco friendly & recyclable raw materials
  • Finishes are fire retardant and anti-graffiti
  • UK manufactured
  • 5 year warranty
Opulence lighting
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